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What people are saying about Scary Sharp

A big step up...

I have been using the precision scary sharp for some weeks now. If you had told me Geoff could improve on the original I would have taken some convincing.The original is a fantastic tool but the latest version is a big step up. If you have the "sickness" where no knife is ever truly sharp enough then Geoff may just have the cure for you.

Build quality

It is hard to believe now that there was ever a time I couldn't sharpen a blade. I realise I owe this success to you and your fantastic system. Prior to buying a Scary Sharp my efforts resulted in a lot of work, sweat and produced a blade that was so blunt it could only be used for cutting yoghurt or clubbing seals.

My wife even loves it!

I have always had a passion for fishing and hunting and an integral part of these pursuits is a collection of sharp knives. I must admit I have always struggled to achieve the "perfect" edge on my knives, until I read about and purchased the "Scary Sharp" knife sharpening system. I watched the videos and listened to Geoff's logical explanation read more...

Knives are now 'bloody' Scary Sharp

I work as a contract hunter in Fiordland for Te Anau DOC on deer eradication projects and my partner is a chef. Both jobs require sharp knives whether cutting out jaw bones for ageing or prepping food in a cafe. Both are hard on knives from bones and chopping boards. I can not sharpen a knife to save myself much to my partners frustration leading

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Always be aware...
you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

Made in NZ

Scary Sharp - designed and manufactured in New Zealand