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Norton Combination Stone

8"x2"x1" combination Arkansas soft/hard

8"x2"x1" Black Translucent Arkansas Stone

Stones in Holders

Norton Combination Stone in Holder

8"x2"x1" combination Arkansas soft/hard in Holder

8"x2"x1" Black Translucent Arkansas Stone in Holder

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Tips for Oil Stone

In the past we recommended that the oil stone was to be soaked in a diesel and kerosene mixture. Pressure from people wanting to use oil stones, but not wanting the unpleasant kerosene-diesel mixture has forced us to look at alternatives... more...

Tips for Wet Stone

Wet stones are very soft and sacrificial. The stone can be permanently soaked in water or immersed in water for 15 minutes prior to use. However when you come to use the finishing wet stone, although the... more...

Arkansas Stone

More information on the Arkansas Stone here...


Always be aware...
you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

Made in NZ

Scary Sharp - designed and manufactured in New Zealand