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Scary Sharp Specifications

The Precision 'Scary Sharp' Kit includes:

precision kit

  1. 1x Stone, wet OR oil
  2. Complete Stainless Steel Frame
  3. Allen key tool
  4. Instructional DVD

Your kit on purchase has the option of either one wet stone or one oil stone. The kit is stainless steel, so easily fits food industry requirements. The basic sharpening frame is designed to go on the edge of a bench or in a vice.

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Our stone carrying system is all stainless steel and plastic and uses the standard stone 2"x1"x8" (or 50x25x200mm).

These stones are available from any hardware store.

We also have a wet stone option measuring 80x30x230mm. This is a special request but is available in the all inclusive price.

Other stone options can be priced, on request.

The stainless steel stone carrying frame made to fit grandfathers old favourite oil stone.

View images, list of stones and prices here...

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Always be aware...
you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

Made in NZ

Scary Sharp - designed and manufactured in New Zealand